Intruder Alarms Norfolk

CHS Security Supply, Install & Maintain Industry Leading Alarm Systems in the Norfolk area

CHS Security Provides Alarm Installation & 24Hr Monitoring

There is nothing worse than the fear that your property is not properly guarded against theft. That is why CHS Security Ltd has dedicated years to bringing quality intruder alarms to Norfolk. CHS Security Ltd intruder alarm systems can be in your property when you are not. This means that your peace of mind is preserved, because your possessions are protected.

Not only do you have the reassurance of CHS Security Ltd’s accumulated experience, but even the UK’s leading security accreditation body agrees. This means that CHS Security Ltd’s intruder alarms are all SSAIB accredited and come fully certified.

CHS Security Ltd can tailor your intruder alarm to best fit your circumstances. Our intruder alarm systems are suitable for a range of properties, and available throughout Norfolk. This means that it doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, landlord, tenant or homeowner; CHS Security Ltd offers professional intruder alarms to everyone in Norfolk, including the general public.


It all begins with a thorough security assessment of your property. One of CHS Security Ltd’s highly trained technicians will be pleased to assess your property’s personal security requirement and make suggestions on keeping it secure.

CHS Security Ltd are proud to offer a wide range of specialised intruder alarms to Norfolk. All of which utilise the latest developments in security systems, so that you don’t fall behind. CHS Security Ltd can offer state of the art intruder alarms with many types of protection systems; from key codes, to key proxy units that don’t require key codes.

CHS Security Ltd can also provide you with child and pet friendly intruder alarm systems. So there is no fear that an accidental triggering will leave your nearest and dearest out in the cold.

Then CHS Security Ltd will work hand in hand with you through every step from installing right the way to maintaining a high level of security.

Installation of our quality intruder alarms is no problem, as CHS Security Ltd will do the hard work for you. A highly trained technician can install, test and explain your personalised intruder alarm. Then once you are satisfied, and understand your new alarm, our technician will leave you with your own SSAIB certificate for your device. This ensures that you can feel secure in the knowledge that you have the best possible protection.

CHS Security Ltd won’t leave it all up to you from there as our sterling protection goes on long after the intruder alarm is fitted.

One way that CHS Security Ltd can maintain your security is by monitoring your intruder alarm for you. Offering around the clock monitoring which will protect your valuables when you are away from them. Any triggers will be dealt with quickly and sensitively; in line with the nature of the threat.

CHS Security Ltd’s intruder alarm systems can be programmed to alert the authorities, allowing quick and efficient Police response. CHS Security Ltd believes that this is an essential requirement that ensures you are safe when a threat presents itself on your property.

If you prefer to monitor your own security while you are away then CHS Security Ltd is happy to oblige. We can offer smart phone mobile applications which work in partnership with your quality intruder alarm; allowing you access from anywhere. With these applications you are in control of your intruder alarm even when you are away from Norfolk. With a simple tap your intruder alarms can be reset, primed, and set from the remotest of locations.

CHS Security Ltd are proud to be a family business, and have offered exceptional intruder alarms to Norfolk for many years. CHS Security Ltd owe their trusted reputation, known throughout Norfolk, to one of their core values. This core value lies in the belief that every customer is a valuable individual, and CHS Security dedicate time in working alongside them to ensure their safety.

This takes a lot of work and dedication, but CHS Security is proud of the intruder alarm services they offer Norfolk.

Innovations include:
• Key prox setting (no need for a code)
• Police response available
• Smart phone apps allowing you to set & unset remotely.
• Pet friendly detection units (the cat or dog need not be shut out)

If you are looking for an alarm company to handle all of your commercial and home security needs you have come to the right place. CHS Security Ltd is your best choice.




  • We offer a complete service from equipment purchase to installation
  • We are a family run business and we value every customer
  • We have a vast range of experience in supplying many different types of businesses
  • We provide services to the general public, including homeowners, landlords & tenants


our working processin 3 steps

We pride ourselves on our unique ability to consult with clients and understand their needs.

Free Audit & Planning

Let us take a close look at everything from CCTV & Fire Protection, to CCTV & Access Control. We'll then make a practical plan to address your needs.

Present Quotation

Once we have made an assessment of your needs, we will provide you with a 360 degree strategy and estimate for the products & installation.

Install & Maintain

After installation, CHS Security can provide full support & maintenance for a fixed monthly fee - giving you total peace of mind.