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At CHS Security we are passionate about supplying CCTV systems in Norfolk that keep your homes and businesses secure. We know that protecting your property is never far from your thoughts. By utilising the latest technology and our established experience we can provide you with peace of mind. This makes us proud to provide essential CCTV solutions to Norfolk with a range of products and services honed to keep you, our clients, sleeping soundly.

Those who choose us for their CCTV always note two crucial aspects of our services. First, our clients recognise that we offer amazing value that extends a comprehensive range of CCTV solutions. Then, when our systems have been installed by our skilled engineers, they are impressed by the excellent performance our systems offer.

Here are just a few of the amazing features that we can offer you:

  • Seamless 1080p real-time recording that ensures images are processed at a constant rate.
    (no slow motion playback)
  • This also provides crystal clear images that can be evidenced in a court of law to secure a prosecution.
  • Around 30 days’ worth of storage without the need to replace tapes or interrupt recording.
  • Night vision, day vision and even thermal vision ensures that your property is secure even on the darkest night.
  • Triplex features, which allow images to be viewed, monitored and recorded; all at the same time.
  • IP camera specialists who can bring you years of experience and reassure your worries.
  • Wireless cameras that can be accessed from around the world; distance is no longer a barrier.
  • Cameras that allow our clients to pan, tilt and zoom. Giving you the same view as if you were at the scene.

This list of features may seem confusing, but our highly trained Norfolk based design team are always eager to help you understand what features would work best for your property

If you have been left unsure as to which of our services you need then don’t hesitate to ring: 01493 470999. You can book a free personal survey that will determine the best CCTV system for your needs. Then together we can build a security package that provides your much needed protection, and to a budget you desire.

It doesn’t end there however, as we can also provide you with around the clock monitoring as well.

CHS Security has been providing CCTV systems to Norfolk for years, and as a result, understand the best way to monitor and process the footage. For this reason we can provide you with expert CCTV footage monitoring, to maximise your security.

Our Remote Verification Receiving Centre (RVRC) has received a Gold Accreditation from the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). This is because we use Immix platforms to respond to detector activated CCTV system alerts. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what that means, it has taken years to perfect and understand it ourselves. What it means to you is that we can take the worry out of reviewing the security images.

Instead our operators can react to CCTV systems which have activated after detecting anomalies. The images travel from your secure premises to our operators through IP and 3G relays that play in real time.

Whether the problem on your premises is from a customer, delivery, member of staff or a criminal our RVRC will see. There are operators who will accurately assess the situation, before reacting with the appropriate action. Our systems allow the team of analysers to fully pan, tilt and zoom in order for them to get the full picture on the situation. With image capturing features which can ensure that criminals cannot escape from prosecution charges.

One benefit that our RVRC can bring to you is our CCTV systems inbuilt audio facilities. These allow our operators to issue warnings to possible criminals. This ensures quick counter measures to ensure your property is kept as safe from attack in the quickest possible time. The experience our operators have with this feature means they always appreciate the best possible action to take to keep your premises secure, deterrence can be a powerful tool when time is of the essence.

We work hard to overcome many issues that can affect the performance of external security systems. Issues such as direct sunlight, wildlife and even foliage can cause a trigger response in poorly installed CCTV systems. Which is why we are always eager to work alongside you, in order to ensure your security system captures the right activity.

By utilising our experience we can offer you the best Security monitoring and CCTV systems in Norfolk.

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We pride ourselves on our unique ability to consult with clients and understand their needs.

Free Audit & Planning

Let us take a close look at everything from CCTV & Fire Protection, to CCTV & Access Control. We'll then make a practical plan to address your needs.

Present Quotation

Once we have made an assessment of your needs, we will provide you with a 360 degree strategy and estimate for the products & installation.

Install & Maintain

After installation, CHS Security can provide full support & maintenance for a fixed monthly fee - giving you total peace of mind.